What’s in Store for CRM in 2022?

I am sharing an interesting paper from DestinationCRM. C-level business executives comment how they see CRM in 2022. Lots of views on AI-driven digital transformation, first-party data, marketing, and Customer Experience. We may not all see Y2022 in this way, but it is worth reading it anyhow.

Link to article:What’s in Store for CRM in 2022?

Here are my 6 favourite quotes:

“Everyone is a direct competitor in the experience economy. Gone are the days when customers compare the experience of your brand with those in the same category. Rather, they compare yours against the best digital experiences out there – like those of Netflix or Uber.”

“We’ll see AI-powered personalization evolve to deliver more highly customized experiences in 2022”

“In 2022, native language customer support will be a key part of providing customers with a feeling of confidence, empathy, and incentive.”

“As first-party data strategies take center stage in the new cookieless era, we will see a resurgence of second-party data partnerships to help fill in the gaps.”

“First-party data is the future of marketing.… Humanizing first-party data by listening to and analyzing customer call data will be an important data strategy for both B2B and B2C brands in 2022.”

“CX programs will grow far more comprehensive in scope. Executives have been trying (and largely failing) to integrate customer feedback in a meaningful and profitable way that allows for quick customer interaction and issue resolution, not just data collection.”

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