On healthcare and cloud.

Comments – A new report on healthcare shows that, due to the growing demand for cloud consulting, the global healthcare consulting services market is projected to reach 41.2 billion US dollars by 2026 from 23.9 billion US dollars in 2021. This is interesting information from ResearchAndMarkets.com.

This report confirms what most of us believe and what we see happening in other industries: Cloud technology can definitely help improve organisational performance and drive business growth.

For healthcare institutions, the focus is primarily on optimising the patient journey, but also on making more efficient areas like healthcare standards, finance, compliance, billing, or accounting. Too long, budget cuts, regulatory compliance, and technology disruption have impacted the operations and overall performance.

For consulting firms providing professional services to the healthcare industry, this represents good business opportunities in perspective: Implementation, maintenance, and training of such solutions.

Link to the report: Healthcare Consulting Services Market – Global Forecasts to 2026

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