My Top 5 reads – Week 39

Best picks from the web this week 39. Here are my 5 favourite articles published on CRM, CX and digital transformation. On the agenda: Salesforce, banking, automotive, and APIs to support the customer experience.

Salesforce announces Meetings, Einstein Video Call Coaching and more tools aimed at improving virtual sales
First words: “As sales organizations shift to handling most, if not all, sales calls digitally, Salesforce is adding new functionality to its cloud-based software that the company hopes will help its clients adjust.”

Why Your Next Database Will Be a Serverless API
First words: “The early days of serverless computing left a sour taste for many developers and engineers. Initially, developers saw a great opportunity for Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS). They could write code in a microservices style and no longer had to think of scaling or server configuration. Additionally, there was the promise of an additional advantage that is sometimes viewed as the core component of serverless: “pay-as-you-go.”

You Can’t Automate A Relationship
First words: “Lately, I’ve been asked a lot about digital customer support. In the era of COVID-19, companies have had to make major changes in the way they connect and communicate with their customers, especially when it comes to their support.”

Why Automotive Marketing Is Changing And How To Meet The Demand
First words: “Although automotive sales dropped earlier this year due to the pandemic, demand is on the upswing again. In fact, some consumers who previously relied on ride-sharing and public transportation are planning to buy a car sometime this year, according to a CarGurus survey, and others are looking forward to treating themselves with a new vehicle as economic activity continues to climb. The automotive industry needs to be ready to reach these new customers.”

The six CX rules the best banks follow – and that all brands could benefit from
First words: “Research into those banks that are top rated in customer experience has surfaced a number of commonalities. And the findings have implications for organisations outside of the financial world too.”

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