My Top 5 Reads – Week 27

I am sharing the 5 articles on CRM, CX and digital transformation I liked best this week. On the agenda: Retail, Financial Services, mobile, and customer sentiment…

Why Some Retailers Are Thriving Amid Disruption
“Retailers that successfully adapt to the pandemic’s social-distancing requirements offer a model for making a quick digital pivot.”

McKinsey Survey Reveals Consumer Sentiment Improving But Shifting Brands And Behaviors
“McKinsey has been conducting a U.S. consumer sentiment survey (as part of its global consumer sentiment survey across 42 countries) starting in mid-March. This is an interview with Sajal Kohli, a Senior Partner at McKinsey, and head of McKinsey’s Global Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods practices, on revelations from this survey.”

China Leads Rise Of Mobile ‘Super Apps’
“Mobile users in Asia-Pacific are warming up to the idea of doing multiple, often seemingly unrelated functions, with just a single “super app.”

The future of financial services: Digital customer engagement
“COVID-19 has accelerated change across financial services, altering consumers’ behaviour and expectations, as well as the basic assumptions underlying operating models and value chains.”

The growing trend towards an augmented workforce
“The Covid-19 pandemic has clearly placed an extraordinary amount of pressure on businesses in practically every sector. Companies have had to pivot and adjust to a new way of working, with a rapid switch to remote teams and virtual workforces – many in a matter of days.”

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