My Top 5 Reads – Week 26

Lots of good articles on CRM, CX and digital transformation this week! Here are the ones I liked best. On the agenda: Banking, Salesforce, Employee Experience, and digital transformation more generally.

With human nature – not against it: How Jan Wallander made Handelsbanken unique
“Handelsbanken has no sales or product targets, doesn’t believe in bonuses and empowers branch managers to make the majority of banking decisions. Having highly satisfied customers is a key focus and core to the Bank’s success. This distinct approach to banking began with one man and the 100th anniversary of his birth this month provides an apt moment to look at how he created a new kind of financial institution.”

Search could be every marketer’s secret sauce
“When Bell Laboratories designed the Audrey system to recognise the numbers one to 10 when spoken by one (and only one) voice in 1952, it was a big deal — one that no doubt resulted in an unknown number of champagne corks hitting the ceiling.”

Digitally advanced organizations have weathered COVID-19 best, but it’s not too late to transform
“The pandemic has shifted the priorities of digital transformation. New research from IMD has found that organizations prioritizing innovation have recorded the best performance throughout the pandemic.”

The impact of COVID-19: Customer service, digital transformation, and the new normal
“Michael Maoz, senior vice president of Innovation Strategy at Salesforce, is a customer experience and customer engagement management expert. Maoz shares his thoughts on impact of COVID-19 pandemic.”

EX is the new CX: driving the business with employee experience management
“New research shows that UK firms are increasingly focused on capturing employee experience (EX), as well as customer experience (CX). This is a clear reflection of the importance placed on retaining talent, addressing productivity gaps and meeting the growing workplace expectations of younger demographics.”

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