Free webinar: 4 things to consider when selecting a new eCommerce platform, by Fluido

Every business has unique needs, and your eCommerce platform should also reflect that.

Choosing a new eCommerce platform to support your online business can be a challenging task. E-commerce is often a long term commitment involving a significant investment of time, money, and efforts in development, customization, deployment, and maintenance. The way you approach and prepare the selection process, ensure the alignment to your business goals, and prioritize requirements has a significant impact on the outcome and success of your project.

In this webinar, we will focus on the main 4 things to consider when choosing a new eCommerce platform. We will also cover the things that turn out to be more or less irrelevant in the consideration process.

The webinar is targeted for decision-makers and professionals in the b2c space.

Date: September 16, 11-12am (EEST)

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