Focus on Voice AI

At the last WCIT, Gary Vaynerchuk (the famous businessman) claimed that voice AI systems will be everywhere around us within the next decade, meaning we only have to speak to get what we want.

At the same time, a recent survey from Gartner (June 2019) forecasts that, by 2023, customers will prefer to use speech interfaces to initiate 70% of self-service customer interactions, while 70% of all customer interactions will involve emerging technologies such as machine learning applications, chatbots and mobile messaging.

One thing is certain, the rise of intelligent interfaces is reimagining the way humans, machines and data interact. Experts see a valuable sector taking shape that does more than just new tools to interact with customers.

I believe the change is foundational, not episodic or cyclical. I expect voice UI / AI to set a new standard in customer interactions, changing the existing customer engagement narrative.

Are we experiencing a paradigm shift? I think it is insightful to listen to Gary Vaynerchuk. He goes too far sometimes in my view, but he always raises good points.


About the Author

Didier Dessens

CRM and Digital Experience Advisory