On AI and CRM

I’m sharing a very interesting article from Forbes on AI and CRM. Worth to read.

It discusses ways to combine AI with CRM platforms to improve customer management. It also gives an overview on the kind of topics I’m dealing with on a daily basis.


Some quotes I have gathered:

“If customer experience is the center of digital transformation, customer relationship management (CRM) must be central to managing that experience.”

“New developments in natural language processing and machine learning could (and will) help make customer management easier than ever before.”

“When software is too clunky, time-consuming, and difficult to use, it—wait for it—won’t get used. This leads to outdated data, incomplete data and unusable data—which is, ultimately, pointless.”

“At the end of the day, customer management is about knowing what data to gather about your leads, keeping it up to date, and gaining insights from it in the fastest way possible.”

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Didier Dessens

CRM and Digital Experience Advisory