Digitalization is not a product or a service that you can plug and play.

Digitalization is not a product or a service that you can plug and play. It’s a journey and a change in mindset first. 😮

Any organisation needs to adapt to compete in its business environment. It has always been the case. We know it. The big change is the speed of disruption today. It impacts every industry and every organisation. Differently. There is no model for it. Every organisation must find its own way.

But one thing is certain: Digitalization is fundamentally not about technology. It is ultimately a matter of vision, strategy, and leadership: How do we understand our business environment, our customers, partners, and our own operations…

1. It’s about shaping a vision Buy-in and engagement is indeed fundamental. How to develop and share a common vision and direction?

2. It’s about discipline and agility in execution. How can we overcome the organisational siloes and structural inertia that may exist?

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3. It’s about flexibility: There probably are local initiatives somewhere within your organisation. Don’t stop them. How can we learn from them?

4. Finally it’s about talent and expertise: How can we keep ourself up to date to business, technology, and delivery best practices?

Don’t you agree?

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Didier Dessens

CRM and Digital Experience Advisory