Do leaders really make a difference in digital transformation?

Do leaders really make a difference in digital transformation?

I got this question from students in Business Management here in Stockholm. It’s a very relevant one.

Since most of the time, we talk about the importance of a strong executive sponsorship. But we hardly discuss the impact (positive or negative) of a single executive on a complex digital transformation project. Can the leadership skills of one individual make an impact?

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I see 5 qualities:

1. Inspire a shared vision and envision the future.
2. Enable others to act, fostering collaboration.
3. Experiment and challenge the process.
4. Model a way forward, set an example, and look for quick wins.
5. Encourage commitment, celebrate accomplishments, and recognise contributions.

So, do leaders make an impact? I answer Yes. But I don’t think there’s really a “best practice” in the matter. There is a set of abilities that serve well especially in a digital transformation project. Ultimately, digital transformation is a matter of executive vision and strategy.

Do you agree?

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