My Top 5 Reads – Week 13

The best articles from the web that came on my table this week 13: Transitioning from matrix to agile, KPIs, banking and mortgages, customer service, and the impacts of digital transformation.


The Fundamentals of Transforming from Matrix to Agile (By Insead Business School)
First words: “Although it remains a common way to structure an organisation, the matrix is increasingly showing its weaknesses in the digital economy.”

How Digital Transformation Is Helping You Pay Your Mortgage (By Forbes)
First words: “Residential mortgage servicing, the process of collecting your mortgage payments and passing the right amounts to investors, tax authorities, and insurers is probably not the first industry you would think of as a hotbed of digital transformation.”

How do you measure success in digital? Five metrics for CEOs (By McKinsey)
First words: “As organizations launch more and more digital initiatives, CEOs must monitor whether they are delivering business results. These metrics are ones to watch.”

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Taking Care: Enterprise is on a Journey to an Unmatched Customer Experience (By Wired)
First words: “Travel is stressful in the best of times—something the company was working hard to alleviate. The pandemic only raised the stakes.”

15 Common Factors That Can Hinder Your Business’ Digital Transformation (By Forbes)
First words: “Digital transformation can have an incredible impact on improving a business’ operations, productivity and overall bottom line. However, the process of transformation isn’t always a straightforward or simple one.”

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