My Top 5 Reads – Week 15

The best articles from the web that came on my table this week 15. Highlighted: Embedded finance by Nordea, the future of bancassurance by McKinsey, the interesting story of Dixa, a convervational engagement firm, and foreseeing the future with the “Gen Z” generation.

Empowering businesses with Embedded Finance (By Nordea)
First words: “The growth of embedded finance has seen an increasing number of financial operations enabled in the user’s own preferred digital environment. As a market leader in Open Banking, Nordea is heading the embedded finance charge by providing a growing selection of premium API solutions that can be embedded in external channels and applications.”

CXO perspectives: A conversation on the future of bancassurance (By McKinsey)
First words: “The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating a number of industry changes that were already in full swing. Industry leaders show how banks and insurers can adapt to the digital shift.”

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How Dixa Is Bringing Danish Hygge To Customer Service And Support (By Forbes)
First words: “At a fateful meeting in 2015, enlivened or undermined by a string of gin and tonics (depending on who’s telling the story), “four unrelated brothers,” Mads Fosselius, Jakob Nederby Nielsen, Jacob Vous Petersen, and Krisztian Tabori, formed, in principle, the conversational customer engagement company Dixa.”

3 Advantages of Shared Services Over Centralized Services (By Gartner)
First words: “A shared services model has three key advantages over centralized services, making it more likely to deliver sustained business impact, especially during disrupted business conditions.”

Nearly Two-Thirds of Gen Z Will Shop Mostly Online – But Only if the Digital Experience Is Great (By Footwear news)
First words: “After years of focusing on the millennial consumer, a large number of brands are looking to meet the needs of Gen Z shoppers and build long-term loyalty in that younger demographic.”

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