My Top 5 Reads – Week 43

My best picks from the web this week 43. Today: multicloud, Salesforce and Microsoft, Retail, insurance, and a very interesting article on Apple and 5G by Pr. Howard Yu from IMD Business School. Don’t miss it!

Not Excited About The New iPhone 12? Apple Is Prepared.
First words: “Apple brought all its usual glamour to the unveiling of its latest iPhones 12 yesterday. There was breathless exclamation over the new colors. There were speeches about chip speed. Then there’s the less breakable ceramic cover. And don’t think a LiDAR is only for those self-driving cars made by Waymo. The new Pro line of iPhones also have it now. The LiDAR will boost augmented reality (AR).”

Salesforce – Microsoft Dynamics 365 data migration: why and how?
First words: “Today, companies have to deal with very large amounts of data. As a consequence, big data, data storage, data management and data migration have become topics of the utmost importance for business leaders. Maintaining a high level of data quality is crucial. Organizations must find the best data storage solution and the best software solutions such as ERP, CRM, WMS, etc.”

The Ultimate Guide to Open Insurance
First words: “Open insurance offers insurers an opportunity to substantially enhance their products and services while also opening many new revenue streams. Carriers can capitalize on the huge flows of real-time data that open insurance unleashes to launch a host of new customer offerings. The “network effect” that occurs in open insurance provides insurers that are early-movers with a wealth of new business opportunities. The rise of open banking offers carriers valuable insights into how open insurance is likely to affect their businesses.”

The Pros and Cons of Multicloud
First words: “When looking through a selection of cloud native technology, whether it’s vanilla Kubernetes, a closed-source software for cloud native apps or an obscure open source project, chances are that the ability to operate across clouds is listed as one of the benefits of using the technology. “

Can E-Commerce Save Retail?
First words: “In the span of a few short weeks, the coronavirus pandemic completely reshaped shopping and left many retailers struggling to survive. Neiman Marcus, JCPenney, J. Crew, and other popular chains filed for bankruptcy. According to a report from Yelp, 60 percent of listed businesses that shut their doors during the pandemic have closed for good, including 48 percent of retail stores.”

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