How I discovered the underlying complexity of integration in digital transformation projects. ๐Ÿ˜

Hello! Today I wanted to share a valuable lesson I learned when I was starting my career as a consultant at CapGemini โ€“ The complexity of integration in digital transformation initiatives.

When I embarked in one of my first projects some 20 years ago, I had, what I thought, a clear view on how to implement and leverage a CRM packaged solution. To drive operational efficiencies. The possibilities seemed endless to me.

However, as we were digging deeper into the realities of implementation, we faced a myriad of integration complexities that were not apparent from the beginning.

Of course, we knew one of the first challenges would be to integrate with the legacy systems. But I quickly realised that the complexity extended far beyond the technology itself. It also included the organisation, processes, workflows, and people.

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We took an end-to-end process approach. As we introduced the new processes, we had to ensure the buy-in and collaboration from all the stakeholders. Aligning different business units and breaking down siloes required a dedicated effort. This was also another good lesson to me.

Over time, I learned that addressing this problem of integration requires a holistic approach, from mapping systems to identifying interdependencies, etc.

This experience has been an eye-opener to me. I learned to never underestimate this complexity which are inherent to any digital transformation initiative.

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Didier Dessens

CRM and Digital Experience Advisory