When Marketing and Sales are not working closely together, you know there is something wrong happening in your business.

I answered this yesterday. The COO of a former start-up, turned leader on its market, was asking me about the (apparent) mis-alignment and lack of coordination between his Marketing and Sales teams.

He was worried by the fact that the handoff process between the two teams was not working properly. Business leads were lost in the way.

I know the phenomenon well. I know that most of the operational inefficiencies are hidden at the intersection of functions. As here, when marketing-qualified leads are transferred and distributed to sales for further qualification and follow-up. And it’s not working well.

Reasons are manifold. Here are 5 of them:

1. We can blame the technology and the lack of integration between the Marketing Automation and Sales tools.
2. No end-to-end process view.
3. A misunderstanding on what a lead is
4. The absence of precise criteria for qualification.
5. Or a simple feedback loop might be missing.

But there’s one thing certain: It’s impacting the business performance. Negatively. There is something we must do.

– Understand where the issue is. 
– Identify the root causes. 
– Define an action plan, execute, and follow.

Do you agree?

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