In digital, putting technology before people is a big mistake

There is something very instructive in how organisations approach digital transformation matters.

For some, taking a technology-only view is not a problem. At least, in theory. At least, at the very beginning.

This is when you hear statements like “CRM is a technology” for instance. Any sharp ear catches it more often than we think. I recognize this very well. Unfortunately.

Every approach has it strengths and weaknesses.

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But when business users are not included from the beginning, have a minor role, if not ignored at all, there is a good potential for getting things wrong. Complications will soon arise. The risk for absolutely no buying at the end is significantly increased.

There again, I’m advocating there is an enormous advantage to onboard business users early, take a process-view, and be clear on the reasons we are doing and the “what’s in it for me”, personally.

Remember: CRM is a business change. Involving real business people and getting feedback from them is a powerful tool for further improvements.

About the Author

Didier Dessens

CRM and Digital Experience Advisory