How do you find the most popular posts by topic on my blog?

There are a good number of posts today in this blog. It may be trickier to find the one your are looking for. Here are some tips:

First, the latest posts are all listed in the feed by date of release. This is where you should go first and scroll. You will have a view on the range of topics. Alternatively you can use the “Latest posts” function in the side bar.

The very popular “Conversations with leaders” can be directly accessed from the top bar or from the side bar (“Didier meets CxO”). Today you will find conversations with Stadium and PostNord.

If you like to find posts by topic or subject, you should definitely use the “Most Searched Tags” in the side bar. Today, you can select topics as diverse as Artificial Intelligence, Financial Services, CRM, Digital Transformation, and the like”…

About the Author

Didier Dessens

CRM and Digital Experience Advisory