Voice Interfaces are on the rise!

Voice User Interfaces will integrate with front office and CRM systems. This is a fact. They have the potential to become the next killer application. This is my belief.

In my previous article, I was sharing my view on one of the key trends in CRM today: the move towards Cloud.

Now I am commenting the second big trend I am observing today: The rise of Voice User Interfaces (VUI).

We can all admit that Voice UI has become a hot investment and is an important trend today in the CRM market. We see more and more CRM vendors adding voice technology to CRM to support customer interactions and processes. 

Simply stated, voice adds a total new dimension. It will come more and more into play.

Voice commands change the way we – people – interact with devices and systems. CRM solutions included. When we add a vocal or conversational layer on top of our CRM, we actually power an entirely new user experience. Ultimately, intelligent voice capabilities will transform the enterprise and change how employees work with data and insights.

It really changes the game as it makes accessibility easier and more convenient. It is the natural evolution of front office and CRM solutions.

Voice-powered CRM will enable companies and people to interact more contextually and personally throughout the customer journey. I foresee good opportunities for automating the input and maintenance of CRM data, insights on contacts, accounts and deals, or formatting insights for better communication with customers and prospects.

Imagine, we are moving from entering data in rectangular boxes or simply visualizing information as output, to automating the input and maintenance of CRM data with voice. We do not even need a visual interface any longer. It will make salespeople’s work a little easier.

Then, as voice technologies mature, more companies will start using it as a new sales channel.

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From an implementation point of view, the key elements we are used to consider carefully when implementing will still be relevant: functional design, technology, and governance. Every platform – voice UI related or not –  has its own technological constraints. Organisations have their own too.

Also, from a design perspective, it is important that organisations understand that voice interfaces will have to be adapted to the device used to access CRM systems – Phone, laptops, tablets or wearables to mention a few. Some of them may be more relevant to voice interaction (phone) than others (laptops).

Finally, I would say there is nothing very different from what we are accustomed today. If we just remember when the first phone devices or mobile apps came. We had to adjust the environments and UI to the new devices and way of interacting. Simply said. Any thoughts?

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