Digital and Value Creation: Where do Swedish banks stand?

I like to compare the performance of banks in the digitisation space years after years. It is a good means to understand:
1. Where banks were previously – individually,
2. What has been done and the impacts on the actual positioning,
3. What remains on our table.

I usually analyse the D-Rating‘s “Digital and Value Creation: Where Do European Banks Stand?” and do comparisons. Here are my findings between 2020 and 2022:

– The current digital journey Handelsbanken is going through, moving upward quickly.
– Swedbank and Nordea still in the upper right corner as in 2020.
– SEB positively moving rightwards.
– The apparition of niche banks as Skandiabanken, Icabanken, and Ikano Bank in the chart (D-Rating now includes those niche banks into the research)

When looking at the positioning, the main questions for each bank remain:
– Where does our bank stand?
– How does it compare to competitors?
– Are we playing in the same field actually? Is it truly comparable?
– What are our ambitions?
– How sophisticated are my digital capabilities today?
– Where can we improve to support our ambition?
– How does the organisation need to change?

Link: Digital and Value Creation: Where Do European Banks Stand?

About the Author

Didier Dessens

CRM and Digital Experience Advisory