“Let the teachers teach”

There is no denying that digitalisation has been deeply transforming the education sector like many other industries. The way we used to learn 30 years ago is very much different from today, even though the actual objectives remain the same.

Digitalisation in the sector, combined with shifting educational policies and evolving teaching methods increasingly require educational institutions to develop qualities of innovation, openness, flexibility and agility to adopt relevant new methods and tools.

Working with some of the best known educational institutions in the Nordics, we observe a growing willingness to spread and integrate digital at all levels:
– to raise awareness on the value of digitalising within the school,
– to enhance collaboration, share knowledge and practices,
– to instill a new digital culture.

Technology can help teachers so that the majority of their time and effort is spent where it has the biggest impact: engaging with students.
– Gain a holistic view on students
– Utilize shared knowledge
– Connect different teams with automation

Read what Elina Pöykkö, business consultant at Fluido has to say on the topic.

Link: “Let the teachers teach” – Salesforce for teachers

About the Author

Didier Dessens

CRM and Digital Experience Advisory