Voice Interfaces are on the rise!

Voice User Interfaces will integrate with front office and CRM systems. This is a fact. They have the potential to become the next killer application. This is my belief. In my previous article, I was sharing my view on one of the key trends in CRM today: the move towards Cloud. Now I am commenting the second big trend I […]

Digital and Value Creation: Where do Swedish banks stand?

I like to compare the performance of banks in the digitisation space years after years. It is a good means to understand:1. Where banks were previously – individually,2. What has been done and the impacts on the actual positioning,3. What remains on our table. I usually analyse the D-Rating‘s “Digital and Value Creation: Where Do European Banks Stand?” and do comparisons. […]

How to Choose the Right Ecosystem Partners for Your Business

Harvard Business Review publishes an excellent article on ecosystems by Prof. Gianvitto Lanzolla (Bayes Business School) and Prof. Constantinos Markides (London Business School). This is a fantastic topic! You may not realised it but roughly 50% of the top brands in the world are already managing ecosystems. You may think of Amazon, Salesforce, Google or Apple for instance. But it […]

“Let the teachers teach”

There is no denying that digitalisation has been deeply transforming the education sector like many other industries. The way we used to learn 30 years ago is very much different from today, even though the actual objectives remain the same. Digitalisation in the sector, combined with shifting educational policies and evolving teaching methods increasingly require educational institutions to develop qualities […]