Digital and Value Creation: Where Do European Banks Stand?

“Digital and Value Creation: Where Do European Banks Stand?” This is the new 2022 research conducted by the market agency D-Rating.

I like to compare performance year after year. So I monitor the D-Rating report every year for the Nordics. In this report, it is insightful to notice:

– The current digital journey Handelsbanken is going through, moving upward quickly.
– Swedbank and Nordea still in the upper right corner as in 2020.
– SEB positively moving rightwards.
– The apparition of niche banks as Skandiabanken, Icabanken, and Ikano Bank in the chart (They are now included into the research)

When looking at the positioning, the main questions for each bank are:

– Where does our bank stand?
– How does it compare to competitors?
– Are we playing in the same field actually? Is it truly comparable?
– What are our ambitions?
– How sophisticated are my digital capabilities today?
– Where can we improve to support our ambition?
– How does the organisation need to change?

Link to detailed survey: Digital and Value Creation: Where Do European Banks Stand?

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