Top posts of 2021!

A special thanks to each of you for making 2021 such a great year – still a surrealistic year like the previous one, however.

This blog continues to reach people beyond my expectations. Google Analytics shows that you have been more than 20,000 this year to access it, and my LinkedIn page grew to more than 6,600 followers. Our community is growing, and this is the result of your support!

In case you missed any, here are the top posts from 2021 you liked the most:

Joining the Movement with Stadium – A conversation with Pino Roscigno, the Commercial & Brand Director at Stadium, the leading sporting goods retailer in the Nordics. We discussed the changing consumer shopping behaviour and the trend towards increased digitization in sport retail.

Trends in CRM #1: Everything is cloud – One of the most recent articles I wrote on the trends in CRM. This article discusses specifically the transition towards Cloud and SaaS solutions.

Trends in CRM #3: CRM systems are increasingly powered with Artificial Intelligence (AI) – This article focuses on AI as a new dimension to CRM, creating a series of new business opportunities for organisations. AI changes the way we can create new value for our customers. I argue that we will have to have those discussions with clients, primarily focusing on the business aspects of AI rather than on the technology itself.

Trends in CRM #2: Voice Interfaces are on the rise! – A favourite of mine. I argue in this article that Voice UI will ultimately, change the game and transform the enterprise and change how employees work with data and insights.

5 key insights from the Mulesoft Transform event – I am sharing the 5 key takeaways I am taking home from the Mulesoft Transform event.

Most popular outgoing links:

Don’t Confuse Platforms with Ecosystems – A contribution by Insead Business School to explain the differences.

Reading list: 6 data policy issues experts are tracking right now – A very interesting article from the World Economic Forum on data practices:

New insights on Digital Banking in Europe – a brand new analysis of the digital banking market done by D-Rating. 

Digital Strategy: Coordination vs Fragmentation – A report from IMD Business School discussing why organisations are struggling with their digital strategy, highlighting that the problem is within the structure of organisations itself.

I look forward to an exciting 2022!

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