My Top 5 Reads – Week 11

My best picks from the web this week 11: The subscription model, digital marketing, continuous experimentation, innovation, life insurance and gamification, trends in CRM and retail.

Today’s Business Environment Requires Continuous Experimentation
First words: “The world has changed, and marketers must reinvent how they reach customers, breaking down silos and increasing agility and experimentation with fewer resources.”

Exploring subscription management in manufacturing
First words: “The subscription economy has been growing exponentially for over a decade now, but it is hitting different industries at different points and with varying impacts.”

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How John Hancock Life Insurance gamifies wearables to bolster longevity
First words: “John Hancock Life Insurance is happy to practically give you a Fitbit, Amazon Halo or Apple Watch to help you live longer.”

CRM trends for 2021
First words: “In recent years, the CRM system has evolved far beyond being just a tool for contact management to offer something for everyone in an organisation.”

Gartner: Top trends in retail for 2021
First words: “The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is driving global retailers to fundamentally reassess how they do business. Due in part to its many challenges and threats, 2020 has accelerated digital transformation across the retail industry.”

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