My Top 5 Reads – Week 10

My best picks from the web this week: e-Commerce, banking and mortgages, conversational AI, and the companion model…

The Trillion Dollar Opportunity in B2B2C payments
First words: “Payments is an attractive and fast-growing business. Since 2016, payment companies have attracted superior valuation and traded at a significant premium versus banks, largely thanks to underlying fundamentals from low capital to high growth.”

Rethinking e-commerce: How visitors become customers thanks to chatbots and Conversational AI
First words: ““Many roads lead to Rome” – an old proverb that is still valid today in e-commerce. We spend several hours a day online. These range from searching for specific products or services to browsing for entertainment, information, inspiration and shopping during waiting times, always looking for entertainment, information, inspiration and shopping.”

Digital-first trends put into context for leading manufacturers
First words: “In 2019, analysts were estimating that 40% of manufacturers would have undergone a complete digital transformation by the year 2021—AI, blockchain, CRM, the works. But after the major disruptions of 2020 and the urgent pressure placed on manufacturers to uphold emergency supply chains, it’s safe to say that many manufacturers did not meet their original expectations for digitization. But as things start to find their way back to normal, we’re finding more and more manufacturers are ready to take the reins again and tackle digital transformation on their own terms.”

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How to survive this “unprecedented” era of digital mortgage
First words: “Writing about digital mortgage in 2021, I am reminded of a cartoon in the New Yorker, in which two cavemen were starting a fire and one said “Stop saying everything is ‘unprecedented.’” After a year of unprecedented everything, including mortgage volume, it’s hard to fathom the level of fintech disruption that is approaching financial services and specifically mortgage.”

How to build customer loyalty using the companion model
First words: “We go about our lives as consumers making transactions. Think of the last time you bought a pizza slice or a pair of shoes. A brief engagement with the merchant at the point-of-sale and an exchange of money for value. Transactions are transient and ephemeral; the value you pay for is provided then and there.”

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