My Top 5 Reads – Week 6

My best picks from the web this week 6: Artificial Intelligence and automation, agility and frontline, digital interactions and customer data generation, and customer service and excellence.

Einstein Automate is just the beginning: Salesforce shares vision for future of AI and automation

How agile can power frontline excellence
First words: “An agile transformation can release the full potential of frontline staff, leading to more-satisfied, happier employees, lower costs, and better overall performance.” (McKinsey)

The New Economy Is The Meconomy
First words: “It’s all about ME! Customers expect more, want to be treated better, expect you to know them, demand you cater to them and give them an easy, no-hassle, low-friction (or no-friction) experience. In today’s economy, it really is about the customer, as in us—you and ME!”

Customer data generation spikes during 2020
First words: “Digital interactions in 2020 contributed to a major spike in customer data generation, according to new research from Twilio Segment’s Customer Data Platform Report 2021.”

Elevating customer service in 2021
First words: “CGS’ Steven Petruk highlights three things your organization needs to strengthen customer service strategies: humans, technology and creativity.”

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