My Top 5 Reads – Week 5

My best picks from the web this week 5. This week: Facebook and CRM, Voice UI with Speechly, banking, and Marketing Automation. I wish you a pleasant reading!

What Do 2020’s Acquisition Trends Mean For CRM?
First words: “Looking back at the CRM world in 2020, it’s easy to forget this year was filled with high-profile mergers and acquisitions. Major players like Facebook, Snap, and Salesforce — no strangers to relationship marketing — turned to startups to fill gaps in their marketing strategies.”

Why Facebook’s acquisition of Kustomer boosts its ability to own business conversations
First words: “Facebook’s acquisition of CRM startup Kustomer is the latest – and biggest – sign that it is serious about allowing business marketers to better interact customers, while also allowing it to own more of the path to purchase.”

Why Hasn’t the iPhone Moment Happened Yet for Voice UIs
First words: “The extremely fast feedback that the iPhone touch screen experience provided to the user, resulting in a very responsive and intuitive user experience is still missing from current voice user interfaces.”

How the rise of Neo Banking is benefitting the banking system
First words:”The Neo Banks are virtual banks that are operated online. A bank that’s completely digital instead of being physical. Neo banking provides a complete experience of digital banking through mobile applications.” 

What is the difference between a Customer Data Platform and a Marketing Automation Platform?
First words: “Good customer experiences start with good data. Great customer experiences start with great unified customer data. Many moons ago, customer data was recorded on cards and stored in a filing cabinet. When the time came to send information to customers, these records would be taken from the filing system and the addresses of the customers that were to receive the communication were transferred to the envelope or leaflet. Today, in online advertising, essentially this process is the same except that customer data is stored online and the retrieval and application of the data is automated.”

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