My Top 5 Reads – Week 47

My best picks from the web this week 47. This week: The new elements of digital transformation, data partnerships, integrating marketing and IT, and customer service is having a moment.

The New Elements of Digital Transformation
First words: “Since 2014, when our article “The Nine Elements of Digital Transformation” appeared in these pages, executive awareness of the powerful and ever-evolving ways in which digital technology can create competitive advantage has become pervasive.1 But acting on that awareness remains a challenging prospect.”

How data partnerships can power better customer experiences
First words: “Data is transforming the way that brands interact with customers. In the past few years, we have seen monumental shifts in data-driven marketing and advertising. But data silos continue to exist among a proliferation of channels that make it hard to cultivate a cohesive consumer experience.”

How Will You Be Using Video In Your Customer Experience Mix In 2021?
First words: “Four years ago I spoke to Matthias Murin, who was, at the time, Group Manager Customer Service at DocMorris, a Dutch online and mail-order pharmacy that provides medicines primarily to customers in Germany.”

How do you solve a problem like… integrating marketing and IT functions?
First words: “Data collection and analysis – and the technology required for storage – are more important than ever before to marketers. But traditional corporate structures mean that they’re often left out of the decision-making process when it comes to acquiring new technologies, or deciding how they get implemented.”

Customer service is finally getting the attention it deserves
First words: “In a COVID-19 world, customer experience is having a moment. Countless studies have identified it as a key competitive differentiator — surpassing even price — and a catalyst for customer loyalty.”

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