My Top 5 Reads – Week 23

Hi everyone! I’m sharing the 5 best articles I have read this week. On my table: cross border data, data policies, Open Banking, marketing, and manufacturing.

Importance of cross-border data flow
“Passing digital information between countries, even though code requires no passport or transportation beyond the internet superhighway, is regulated as if it is a physical commodity. This movement (exchange) of data across borders is typically referred to as cross-border data flow and it has implications for international marketing, banking, and ecommerce in Singapore.”

From promotions to gift cards: how a great website keeps customers coming back again and again
“Smartphone shopping, augmented-reality changing rooms, same-day delivery (perhaps soon by drone) – with so much innovative e-commerce out there, you would think that small and micro businesses were tooled to the hilt with technology. In reality, nearly half of UK small businesses lack even the most basic of 21st-century gizmos: a website.”

3 Marketing and Customer Experience Trends That Are Transforming Manufacturing
“Most financial advisors would agree that any return that beats the market (which has seen an average annual return of 10.7% since 1871) is pretty darn good.”

CMOs Are Embracing the Importance of Ethical Data Policies
“A WFA survey found a majority of employees would consider leaving their jobs over their company’s poor data practices”

Call Center Metrics – How do You Measure Them?
“If your company sells any sort of product, chances are you have a support team or call center to deal with customers. Some companies outsource to countries like India where labor can be hired for lower costs. Others keep their support team close by and within the same country. “

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