My Top 5 Reads – Week 18

5 new great articles on CRM, CX and digital transformation to read this week.

On the agenda: Salesforce vs Pega, supplemented with Gartner’s and ISG’s analyses. We are also speaking about 3D.

Magic Quadrant for CRM and Customer Experience Implementation Services (Gartner)
“Decade-high demand for CRM and CX implementation services including design, UX and e-commerce saw providers in this study grow an average 21% in 2019.”

Gartner Best CRM systems 2019: Salesforce vs Pegasystem
“Based on Gartner analytics for 2019 year ( — there are two CRM systems that have leading positions: Salesforce and Pegasystem.”

Further reading: One quick comment on Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms

ISG Provider Lens™ Digital Business – Solutions and Service Partners Archetype Report 2020
“A Decade of Revolutionizing Businesses using Digital Transformation is Paving the Way for New Partnerships and Hyper-Personalized Services in 2020.”

Why the lockdown is driving demand for B2B marketing software and tech
“As B2B marketers evolve to working in an entirely digital space, the need for innovative, reliable marketing technology to support their business strategy has never been clearer.”

Selling Opens Up with 3-D Visualization
“Before the internet, customers interested in any type of product needed to trek to a brick-and-mortar store to see, feel, and touch it, and then sit down with a salesperson to discuss it. That’s no longer always necessary today.”

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