Focus on business ecosystems: Leveraging partners in disruptive times

Commentary – We were around 350 people and prof. Mark Greeven shared some great insights and practical examples on why and how organisations should leverage partners to build sustainable businesses.

On ecosystems – Have you listened to IMD’s webinar on “leveraging partners in disruptive times” last Tuesday? (The one I was talking about in a previous post).

Working with partners require a structured approach and time. When working with my clients on that topic, I always ask myself the same question: “Why would a partner recommend our product instead of our competitors´?”

I have worked with large firms across the world and can see it often relies on a few parameters, as:
– Level of relationship – trust and openness
– Easiness to do business with
– Commissioning
– Support for marketing, sales, new employee onboarding, etc.
– Technology: customer360, CRM, analytics or integration capabilities

That said, how to start? What would be the practical actions that a firm could do on Monday? Prof. Mark Greeven gave us some clues. See his points in the picture.

To me, it is no surprise that deep, open relationships bring sources of competitive advantage. It is a powerful weapon. Especially in fast moving and turbulent times.

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