Focus on getting support from local expertise in turbulent times

Opinion – I have received a good number of reactions and messages after my post last week on the impacts of the current crisis on projects in Sweden.

A project manager confessed the decision had been made to postpone some of the activities to further undefined notice. This will impact both costs and timeline, he said.

My first reaction was to say Covid-19 does interfere significantly with on-going projects but there are ways to soften the disruption and mitigate the risks.

One example is to rely more on local Swedish resources. It is easier to collaborate while most projects’ offshore and nearshore resources are stranded abroad with difficulties to coordinate and deliver.

Sweden is a high technology-savvy country and is not locked down in the same way as other countries. Work still goes on. Every day, our CRM and Salesforce experts continue supporting our clients in the same way we used to do prior to the crisis. Being remote or onsite has not changed our way of working.

If you are in this scenario and wondering how to solve the issue, feel free to connect. We can advise you on the best options in the current situation.

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Didier Dessens

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