One quick comment on Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for Analytics

Commentary – Any new Gartner Magic Quadrant release is a kind of milestone in my life as a CRM consultant. I have just reviewed the recent (2020) MQ for Analytics and Business Intelligence platforms. Sounds fun?

Well, this year, Microsoft is in the lead, closely followed by Tableau while Salesforce is a clear visionary player.

Now, that said, we know that Salesforce acquired Tableau last year. The 2 solutions are still run separately and Gartner’s MQ recognises it rightly in this MQ.

What I am interested in, are the future developments around this purchase.

Clearly Salesforce + Tableau together have already impacted in some ways the market and Gartner’s MQ in the upper right corner. But it all depends of Salesforce’s strategy and vision in regards to Tableau of course.

For me, as a CRM consultant, I will be following closely the combination of Salesforce Analytics, Einstein and Tableau especially.

It sounds very promising… What are your views?

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Didier Dessens

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