Perspective on Covid-19 crisis and digital maturity

Opinion – The Covid-19 crisis is revealing flaws in business continuity plans and weaknesses in value chains, exposing business and people alike.

Most business continuity plans were based on a few number of key employees performing critical functions. They were not made for a large number of employees suddenly working from home.

As a result, bits and pieces were missing: Inefficient collaborative tools, cumbersome security procedures, not enough licences, limited VPN, or too little bandwidth. Situations are different of course, but I see a clear gap between firms who jumped quickly into an effective WFH mode and those who painfully did it.

To me, the question now is how to improve this? One obvious aspect is to focus on the digital maturity level of a firm. The objective is to plan for regular Digital Maturity Assessment exercises. A DMA can be performed over a few weeks time, onsite or remotely, and can swiftly highlight key areas for improvements, while also benchmarking with peers.

Performing a Digital Maturity Assessment requires senior expertise in Digital Transformation however. I would strongly advise firms to connect with their consulting partner.

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About the Author

Didier Dessens

CRM and Digital Experience Advisory