Spotlight on local CRM resources

Some of my contacts in Sweden are confessing to me that their CRM projects are now at risk.

The reason is that some of the critical project resources from their integration partners have been stranded abroad for 2 weeks now and will still be for a while. I can see a general trend unfortunately.

Often, integration partners rely a lot on offshore / nearshore international resources, maybe too much. In the current situation they cannot really deliver any longer according to expectations. Timelines and budgets are getting out of track, making projects more costly and increasing risks.

I reply that this may not be an issue. At Fluido, our experts are in Sweden and, of course, we can step in and help you keep secure your project. That is what we do.

PM me if you like to talk confidentially about it. I can quickly arrange a video call.

About the Author

Didier Dessens

CRM and Digital Experience Advisory