Slush 2018, Helsinki

Back to Stockholm after some amazing days at Slush 2018 in Helsinki.

It was just awesome to meet such a large number of Fintechs. Thanks Galit Lev Ran for introducing me into the world of ultrasonic banking! Terrific also to meet Chris Skinner who brilliantly chaired our panel session. Chris, I have just started your new book “Digital Human” by the way.

All, if you could not attend our keynote session, I would be very happy to share some insights from the panel discussion and my fireside chats with Gunnar Berger, Ignacio Villoch, Ilkka Ruotsila, Kristian Luoma, and James Barker.

It was great to get such expert insights and share views. A big thank to everyone!

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Didier Dessens

CRM and Digital Experience Advisory